Top 10 Lakme Bridal Salon Packages

Written by Nisha Baghadia

Indian weddings are stressful for the brides because they are worried about how they could look stunningly picture perfect on their wedding. Wardrobe and venue are sorted prior, but have you forgotten about your skin care and make-up? Not to worry! Book your important beauty packages right now with the Lakmé Studio.

Lakme is the biggest makeup brand seller of India. This brand has their own salon to cater to various occasions and your special events. These Lakme bridal packages can make you look stunning on your best big day or pre or post events. The package prices can be from Rs.3500 to Rs.14520, best suited to everyone’s budget.

Lakme Bridal Salon Packages

Here are the top 10 Lakme Salon Bridal Packages.

1. Pre-Bridal Aura

This package is useful to pamper the bride a few days before the wedding.  You are handed over to the experts who will groom you into a charming diva before your D-day. This package is a must to get an instant glow and freshness.

This pre-bridal package includes:

  • Facial for Complexion Enhancement
  • Manicure (Aroma)
  • Pedicure (Aroma)
  • Hair Treatment
  • Full Waxing
  • Body and face bleaching
  • Threading
  • Glow Pack.

2. Pre-Bridal Golden Glow

Duration of this Lakme pre-bridal package: 3 Days and 2 sittings.

  1. Sitting – 1
    • Skin Consultation
    • Hair Consultation
    • Threading – Eyebrow and Upper lip
    • Bleach – Face, Neck and Blouse line
    • Hair Indulgence*
    • Facial – Instant Glow*
  2. Sitting – 2
    • Regular Waxing
    • Full Arms and Full Legs*
    • Regular Underarms
    • Front and Back* Bikini Line
    • Manicure – Free Spirit Orchid*
    • Pedicure – Free Spirit Orchid*
    • Body Massage

This is a package that can leave you looking your sensual best. They use Lakme’s exotic Orchid Hand and Foot Care services to de-stress you. This package also includes bleaching, hair treatment, waxing, threading, floral bliss facial, body exfoliation and a glow pack.

3. Engagement/ Sagan/ Reception Package

This package gives you a special pampering for pre or post wedding functions. It includes a special hairdo, saree drape, concealing make-up, and change of polish to keep you looking like a princess throughout the special day.

4. Bridal Package

This package gives the bride-to-be an extra pampering for the D-day. It revitalizes your look with saree drape, lehenga setting, veil or headgear setting, bridal make-up, hairdo, and change of polish. Extra attention is given by the Lakme experts to make you look special on the extra special day.

5. Bridal Aura

This Lakme package is specially designed for assisting the bride at the 11th hour. It helps the bride to get rid of stress and relax with the comprehensive treatment of facials, manicures and pedicures that will make you look gorgeous for your special day.

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6. Bridal Golden Glow

This package is especially designed for the bride with time constraints who can’t take the Bridal Platinum Glow package. This package will include cleansing, body exfoliation, glow pack, de-stressing with hand and foot care services, and saree drape to help you look extra special.

7. Bridal Platinum Glow

This package will give you the best platinum look for the most important day in your life. This includes pampering the hair and skin, a complete grooming regime with body polishing to give an inner radiant skin glow.

8. Pre-bridal Premium

This Lakme bridal package is especially for the most busy to-be-brides. In this package experts will take care of you and design a package to offer you the right mix of services. It includes the bridal makeover days before the bridal look.

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9. Personalized Expert Advice

This package hands you over to the personal expert who will advise you and their wedding tips can do wonders for your bridal look.

Duration: 7 to 10 Days

  1. Sitting – 1
    • Skin Consultation
    • Threading – Eyebrow and Upper lip
    • Bleach – Face, Neck and Blouse line
    • Face Pack*
  2. Sitting – 2
    • Regular Waxing
    • Full Arms and Full Legs*
    • Regular Underarms
    • Front and Back*
    • Bikini Line
    • Body Glow
  3. Sitting – 3
    • Hair Consultation
    • Hair Indulgence*
    • Bleach Full Arms
    • Manicure – Free Spirit Orchid*
    • Bleach Full Legs
    • Pedicure – Free Spirit Orchid*
  4. Sitting – 4
    • Facial-Instant Glow*

10. Specialized Services for Family & Friends

This package is especially for the bride’s family and her best friends. This includes light make-up, saree drape, hairdo, change of polish and a lot of bridal cheer to match the bride’s beauty. It takes care of everyone who is close to the bride for their look throughout the wedding functions.

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Have you availed any of these Lakme bridal package services? Or do you plan to do so? Share with us.

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