15 Rare Pictures Of Megan Fox Without Makeup

Written by Shalini Roy

Who can ignore this beauty from the Transformers? Megan Fox has appeared in several ‘Sexiest’ lists in the recent years and is considered as one of the hottest women in America. She is blessed with great skin, so she looks gorgeous with or without makeup. Celebrities not wearing makeup should be completely normalized, as they probably would like to go bare-faced every now and then without getting all the hate comments! Here, we have compiled a list of makeup-free pictures of Megan that will prove that this beauty certainly doesn’t need the aid of makeup!

Megan Fox Without Makeup Pictures

Following 15 Megan Fox No makeup pictures will definitely blow your mind.

1. Airport Fashion

The Transformer actress was seen as she was making way through LAX airport along with her husband and baby boy Noah. Her hair is a bright burgundy shade, very unlike Megan, who has a naturally dark brown mane. She was dressed in a black puffer jacket with a white top underneath, and black pants. She was confidently sporting the no makeup look. She accessorized the look with only essentials such as her black shades and a hand bag.

2. Work Hard, Play Harder

Her outfit in this one is the epitome of chic mixed with casual. This naturally beautiful woman looks absolutely stunning while sporting this look. Even without any makeup on, her skin is absolutely glowing. She has dressed casually in a gray jacket and blue denims, and her hair loosely tied up in a messy bun. Her boots are what brought this entire look together!

3. Luncheon Dates

Looks like Megan is out to grab some grub along with her husband, Brian Austin Green. Who needs makeup when you’re going to get lunch? Megan adopted a complete casual and no makeup look for this outing. She looked absolutely stunning and fresh.  She wore a black jacket over a gray T-shirt and paired it with black leggings. She completed the look by sporting her signature baseball cap and casual running shoes.

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4. Wake Up And Makeup

Taken in Los Angeles, Megan Fox is spotted buying cosmetics at Planet Beauty Supply in Studio City. She appeared at the cosmetic joint bare faced, without a trace of makeup, and can I just point out how wonderful she looks? Wearing a gray top, black jeans, and boots, her hair was tied in a messy bun. This simple, fresh-faced look made heads turn!

5. Life As We Know It

Glamorous Megan was spotted with her husband at a drugstore without a stitch of makeup on. She was out and about running errands that any regular Joe would have been doing. She was seen in comfortable yoga pants, gray jacket over a loose T-shirt, and a baseball cap. How she manages to look so put together even in such simple clothing is way beyond my comprehension!

6. It’s All About The Stripes

The best part about Megan in her no makeup look is that she looks like someone you would see on a day to day basis, proving that she is in fact like any other person who deserves privacy. She is beautiful with or without it! Her simple clothes and no makeup look made her look quite like the girl-next-door. She is wearing a lovely casual striped top, which looks extremely soft and comfortable. It makes me want to seek out where she bought it, and maybe try it on myself! She is seen looking completely and has her glasses on. I can understand how wearing contacts all the time might be a pain.

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7. Business Casual

Megan was spotted with her husband at the Maui International Airport in Hawaii while passing through the security checkpoint in 2010. She is wearing a blue cotton button down shirt and black pants. Her skin looks healthy and flawless. Her look has been completed with the help of her trusty glasses.

8. Fab Mom

The sign of a true mother, she puts her kids before everything else and does not care about the consequences such as being snapped by the paparazzi with her bare face. She has nothing to hide! Megan was snapped without any makeup on when she was leaving her house along with her husband to pick her stepson Kassius up from his karate class. She wore a very loose tee and blue denim.

9. Busy As A Bee

Via: Source

Megan Fox seems to be in the middle of something important. She is seen looking super casual in this picture. Even when she’s not dressed for the red carpet, she makes an impression. She is dressed in black jeans and a white top. She also threw on a brown parka, which indicates that it might have been cold at the time. The hair is tied up into a care-free bun.

10. Coffee Runs

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I personally dig this look of Megan’s, most probably because it’s something very close to what I would deem as ‘casual fashion’. Megan is getting some coffee and is wearing a gray top with ripped black jeans. She is also wearing a black leather jacket, which is the deal closer for this outfit. The glasses add to her personal charm and style.

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11. Errands And Chores

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Wearing a casual zebra print top and jeans, Megan probably went out to grab some coffee and run errands. Her hair has been made into a lazy loose braid, which is quite casual and chic at the same time. The cap was a nice accessory, and also helps her to keep away from any prying eyes and paparazzi. Megan truly shows everyone that you do not need to wear makeup all the time.

12. A Swim With The Wild

Megan Fox Without Makeup - A Swim With The Wild

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Megan looks extremely happy, especially with the dolphin next to her! Megan had the opportunity of understanding dolphins better through her involvement in the animal rights charity. She also starred in a documentary called Na Nai’a Legend of the Dolphins alongside notable actors like Kate Winslet, Whoopie Goldberg, and Gerard Butler.

13. Geek Mode:On

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Megan appears to be taking a stroll with her husband and looks very comfortable. She is makeup-free and is wearing her glasses, which is a great look, if you ask me, because comfort is key! She is wearing a shirt that says ‘Defender of the Universe’, which is in reference to Voltron, an American animated television series, which is probably something she used to watch back when she was a child. Now we know why she was interested in the Transformers!

14. Going For A Run

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Megan looks quite sporty, as though she is getting ready to go out for a jog and then run some errands. She is wearing what appears to be a black dry fit shirt and a sports watch, which is a great accessory while going for this kind of fitness fashion. Who says you can’t look fabulous while working out?

15. Every Day Is Casual Day

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Yet again, we see Megan in super comfortable clothing. A gray top and black track pants say that she is probably busy. She might be trying to squeeze in some running in between all the other chores and work. Her hair is left open, and it looks extremely gorgeous that way!

Not wearing makeup should not be a big deal. That’s how it was intended in the first place, wasn’t it? It should be completely their choice as to whether they want to wear makeup or not, and it is no one’s place to try and judge someone for it. Megan Fox without makeup is glamor personified! She manages to pull off any look. You go, girl!

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