Top 15 Sensational Real Life Pictures of Sunny Leone Without Makeup

Written by Nisha Baghadia

Sunny Leone—This girl is an all rounder! She published an e-book of love stories called Sweet Dreams. She also turned into a businesswoman by launching her own studio ‘SunLust Pictures’ in 2008. She rolled out her own signature brand of perfume called ‘Lust’ in 2016. She and her husband have adopted a baby girl, Nisha, from Latur village in Maharashtra. She is quite popular for spreading the message of rescuing dogs for PETA and has two rescue dogs at home herself. Sunny is also a staunch supporter of Akancha Srivastava’s cause against cyber crime. She has been promoting the campaign on her personal Instagram account and Twitter handle.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, better known by her stage name ‘Sunny Leone’ was born on May 13, 1981 in Canada to Sikh parents who hailed from Himachal Pradesh. A porn star and an actor, Sunny Leone made her debut in Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt’s erotic thriller Jism 2. Currently a hot favorite, Sunny has given a new meaning to bold and sensual in Bollywood.

Makeup or sans makeup, Sunny has flawless skin and is always radiant and glowing. Here are 15 handpicked pictures of her from real life that prove that beauty isn’t a consequence of painting one’s face, at least for a few people.

Sunny Leone Without Makeup Pictures

1. Sunny Leone At The Gym

Image: Source

Slaying it in some cool workout wear and a badass smirk, makeup is the last thing that Sunny needs. Her skin is positively radiating. How does one look so elegant at a gym? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to throw away half of my cosmetics now.

2. Sunny Leone In A Selfie

Image: Source

Sometimes a ‘no makeup’ inspired minimalistic deck up is the key. I love how she keeps surprising us with these no makeup selfies from time to time! She is clearly drawing attention to the fact that makeup and beauty are not synonymous.

3. Sunny Leone Post Workout

Image: Instagram

Who needs makeup when you’re cute as a button? Everything about this picture is fresh and pleasant. Sunny’s skin and body are a result of hard work. She hits the gym thrice a week. Her fitness routine is extremely strict, and she confesses that being a Punjabi and naturally on the curvier side, she cannot eat anything she wants and get away with it.

4. Sunny Leone In Swimwear

Image: Source

Here is our popular actress spotted sans makeup at an exotic beach. Her white swimsuit with a light shirt thrown on top is the perfect balance to the color tone of her surroundings. Her skin is nothing but the hues of delicate waves and golden sand. Appearing relaxed and at peace, Sunny seems lovelier than the sea.

5. Sunny Leone At The Beach

Image: Source

Sure, a smile is the best thing you can wear. What’s the kinkiest thing? A pout. What’s even kinkier? That hell of a tan that she’s sporting! It is of no surprise that she has many awards to her credit. She was also named Penthouse’s ‘Pet of the month’ for the March issue. Now, who wouldn’t buy a magazine with this babe on the cover?

6. Sunny Leone At A Lounge

Image: Source

A hint of lip gloss teamed with a plaid shirt can never go wrong. Especially not with a face like that. Sunny Leone said she maintains her beautiful skin by downing a glass of lime water or coconut water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. An age-old beauty secret that we are all aware of but never follow.

7. Sunny Leone, The Campaigner

Image: Source

Who’s even looking at that stuffed animal there? With some pink lip balm on, Sunny is keeping the rest of her pretty face free from makeup. This goddess has a humane side that will amaze you. She was named PETA’s person of the year in 2016.

8. Sunny Leone, The Animal Lover

Image: Source

It’s impossible to pick who is the cuter one in this picture. Sunny’s keeping her look simple with just eyeliner. Why does she need to do anything else when her skin is as luminous as ever? Both Sunny and the puppy are dazzling in each other’s glow.

9. Sunny Leone With Her Pets

Image: Source

Seen walking her two rescue babies here, can this woman please stop making us all feel inadequate? No, please, give the rest of us a chance. Do you even know what most of us look like without makeup? It is no wonder that apart from Bollywood, the Telugu and Kannada filmmakers too are making a beeline to rope her in their movies too. Not to forget, she is also a total favorite in reality shows.

10. Sunny Leone, The Yoga Guru

Image: Instagram

You know why everyone is not convinced about enrolling in yoga yet? Because we lack yoga instructors like these! Sorry, but Baba Ramdev isn’t exactly inspiring me to stretch. Sunny has mentioned that she does Yoga or Pilates when she’s traveling and cannot hit the gym. A great workout results in a great skin. And our pretty thing here, does not need makeup.

11. Sunny Leone At The Stadium

Image: Instagram

Sunny is keeping it simple while cheering for her team, OPM Sultans, at the Super Boxing League.We all know that sporty chicks are irresistible. A ponytail and subtle makeup do the trick at sports events. Note that, ladies. Also, when you cheer your team, you wear your team. Smells like team spirit?

12. Sunny Leone, The Foodie

Image: Instagram

Sometimes the only things that need frosting are doughnuts, not faces. We still know which one is more delicious. Though Sunny’s diet mostly comprises juice and raw vegetables, she does cheat on it sometimes! Oh, and this lady’s favorite cuisine is Italian!

13. Sunny Leone’s Travel Attire

Image: Instagram

Travelling with the husband! I’m envious of everyone on that plane. It’s not every day Sunny Leone and her gorgeous husband are your co-passengers. After a few brief boyfriends and a broken engagement, she is married to Daniel Weber, actor, former porn star, guitarist of the rock band ‘The Disparrows’, and a producer. Observe how she rocks her casual travel look without wearing makeup and without seeming the least bit exhausted!

14. Sunny Leone With A Starfish

Image: Instagram

Who needs makeup when you have a Batman hat on your head and a starfish in your hand? What kind of a DC-Disney take is this? Not to forget, even Sunny digs Batman! She seems so happy here that makeup is absolutely unnecessary!

15. Sunny Leone At Home

Image: Instagram

I personally saved this for the end so you all collapse looking at the amount of cuteness in this picture. Go ahead. Collapse now. Punch a wall to feel manly again. A person who is always watching out for his wife-cum-best friend is a good looking rock star who is passionate about cooking, well, Sunny knows how to pick a man for herself. These guys are a happy family!

It is clear that success wasn’t laid on a plate and offered to Sunny. She worked her way to the top. She is a great example of how, truly, there is more to a person than what meets the eye. Though she might look like one, she is anything but just a babydoll.

Now, those were the mind-blowing pictures of Sunny Leone without makeup. Which actor do you think looks best naturally? Do write in to us, we would be glad to hear from you.

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